Who is VMA?

Valley Music Academy is a non-profit regional school of music that serves a diverse community of music enthusiasts of all ages. 

We serve the communities of Waynesboro, Staunton, Augusta County, Nelson County and Western Albemarle County.

Valley Music Academy provides:

  • comprehensive early childhood music programs
  • private instruction on most instruments for beginners, intermediate, and advance students
  • both individual and group instruction to students of all ages
  • solo and ensemble performance opportunities
  • scholarships to qualified applicants who demonstrate a financial need
  • a safe and secure environment for learning

We connect to the community by:

  • providing a community big band
  • providing recitals
  • partnering with other organizations to help bring music to young people
  • enrich the lives of students and their families
  • provide guitar lessons at the YMCA
  • prepare music teachers and musicians of the future
  • provide a network for children and adults
  • provide singing birthday-grams and valentines
  • provide fundraising activities that engage the community at large

In the future we want to:

  • connect students to additional performance opportunities
  • connect groups in need of musicians
  • connect our programs to Middle School, High School, and college programs
  • increase our visibility to amateur musicians
  • offer opportunities for training amateurs in the community
  • provide music mentors in public and private schools

We Need You! Volunteer @ VMA

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