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2020 has undoubtedly handed us a bowl of lemons, but we have been working very hard to make certain there is plenty of lemonade to go around at Valley Music Academy.  

Since VMA is a non-profit, we do not have deep pockets or a large reserve to absorb the impact of reduced student tuition and significantly increased expenditures to make our facility safe. We run a very tight ship with only part-time staff and a tiny margin annually. Much of the grant funding that is available goes to organizations directly combatting COVID, so vital arts and culture programs like ours are at significant risk. That is why we are counting on you today to make an end-of-year gift.


"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade."

Your gift of $20, $100, $200, or more will not only help us finish a challenging year in a better financial position, but it will also propel us toward a future in which our community will sing, play and learn through this challenging time for years to come. 


Will you give your best gift today to help propel VMA into a great new decade of creating music in the valley? 

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"Valley Music Academy has been a wonderful group to help foster a love of music with our children. Our daughter has taken piano lessons for over a year and our son just started drums. My entire family's experience with VMA has been quite positive and we as a community are lucky to have this rich resource in the valley."

- Lena F. - parent of VMA student


"I love playing with the Super Saxes because it gives me an opportunity to continue playing since my retirement, as well as help VMA. I am especially impressed with the students in the group. The ensemble is a teaching instrument, as well as a performing group."

- Pete P. - member of VMA Super Sax Big Band and retired band teacher


"My son has been taking music lessons at Valley Music Academy for more than 3 years. He started in Musikgarten and is now taking piano private lessons and we're expecting to continue taking lessons long term. If you're thinking about having your children take music lessons, VMA is the place to go."

- Wendy C. - parent of VMA student

There are a number of ways to learn music these days– you can search for tutorials on Youtube, work from a tune book, or just fiddle around on the instrument of your choice. But there's only one way that you can experience a lifetime of music education in our community, and that's at Valley Music Academy. We meet the needs of everyone - from the infants in our Musikgarten program, to high schoolers perfecting their audition pieces for All-State band, to elders pursuing a lifelong dream of playing the piano. Would you like to make a lifetime of music education available to everyone in our community?


In addition to private lessons on over 30 instruments, we offer the widest range of programs in the region. Where else can you take a week long guitar workshop for both children and adults in which instruments are provided by Guitar Center Music Foundation? Or join the Super Sax Big Band, a community jazz band led by VMA faculty, which provides the opportunity for 17 year olds to perform alongside 70 year olds while preserving the rich tradition of the American Songbook? Or have your child study the Suzuki piano method, a renowned holistic teaching method based on the notion that any child who is properly trained can develop unlimited musical ability, just as all children develop the ability to speak their mother tongue?


VMA has always depended on contributions from our community, and now we're turning to you to help us keep the music playing for years to come. As a non-profit academy, our tuition rates are well below comparable programs while our faculty and facilities remain second to none. This past year alone nearly 500 students took over 10,000 hours of music classes! In addition, we distributed over $3,000 through our scholarship fund, which is the flagship of VMA's commitment to serving the community by providing access to lessons and classes to children who would not otherwise have the means to participate in high quality music education. Your contributions will allow us to reach even more children in need and set them on their lifelong musical journey.

To make an investment of any amount to VMA, you may click on the secure "Donate" link above to use your credit card, or you may mail your check to: Valley Music Academy, P. O. Box 1712, Waynesboro, VA 22980.  VMA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.  Your gift is tax deductible.

Use your Kroger Plus Card & help VMA grow.

Here's how to enroll:

- Visit

- Sign in to, or create, your online account

- Find and select Valley Music Academy
(Organization # 81645) and click Save

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