Beginning Guitar Class for Adults

Have you ever wanted to learn to play guitar, but just never did?  Well, cross that one off the bucket list because now is the time and there are no excuses.  VMA is offering an 6 week beginning guitar class for adults (18+).  No music experience necessary.  Learn basic chords, strumming patterns and simple melodies.  With this basic instruction, you will be able to learn to play and sing some of your favorite songs.  And if you want to develop your talents even more, VMA offers private lessons on guitar and 30 other instruments.

Don't have a guitar?  No problem.  VMA has Fender acoustic guitars available for a nominal rental of $15.00 for the 6 week course through our partnership with the Guitar Center Music Foundation.  This will give you the opportunity to learn the guitar without buying one.  After your class, you'll have more knowledge to make a wise choice when purchasing your own guitar.  

Class Dates:  Every Thursday from Oct. 11 - Nov. 15, 2018

Class Times:  7:00 - 8:00 PM weekly

Cost:  $109.00 (less than 5 - 30 minute lessons)

Optional Guitar Rental:  $15.00 for 6 weeks

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