• Please remember that once you have registered for a class, you are committed to attending.  Demand and structure of classes is such that Valley Music Academy cannot refund registration or materials fees after materials have been ordered OR tuition fees after classes have begun for the semester.
  • Your child’s age is not the only criteria for class placement.  The instructors are trained to recognize developmental traits and comfort levels in children. Please know that we will always place your child in the most appropriate class for him/her, provided the class is not full. 
  • Please do not bring food, drink or toys to class.
  • Please arrive on time for class; the instructor cannot delay the class because of late arrivals.
  • Please be prepared to pick up your child promptly at the scheduled end of class from the Musikgarten class room. 
  • Students must be dropped off and picked up from the Musikgarten classroom by the parent/guardian. For safety purposes, children cannot be released from the Musikgarten room without a parent present. 
  • Parents or Guardians are required to remain at VMA during any class of 45 minutes or less in length (i.e., Little Ones, MM Around the World, Cycle of Seasons, MM at Home).  Please feel free to use the Waiting Area during your child’s class.  If you cannot remain on site during the class, your child will not be allowed to attend the scheduled class.
  • Please do not stand in the hall to talk as we are trying to keep noise levels to a minimum.
  • It is important that the accompanying adult participate fully with the child in order for him/her to respond and enjoy the experience fully.  For example, when the instructor sings, you sing, etc. The accompanying adult is the most important model for the child in a Musikgarten class.  Please keep adult conversation to a minimum during class time. 
  • If siblings attend class, they must also participate; if they become disruptive, they will need to go to the waiting room.
  • Siblings that attend class on a regular basis may be charged a fee of $25 per semester
  • If your child is having a difficult time in the class (crying, screaming, etc.), please step outside with your child until he/she is calm and able to rejoin the group.

Inclement weather policy

VMA Musikgarten will utilize the following procedure for weather related class cancellations. 

  1. Saturday Classes - VMA or Musikgarten faculty will make the decision for any cancellations of Saturday classes.  All notices will posted on the VMA Facebook page. 
  2. Weekday Classes - VMA will follow the Waynesboro City School system weather related closing schedule for weekday weather closings.  Closings will be as follows:
    • Early Dismissal = No afternoon/evening Musikgarten
    • WCS Closed = No Musikgarten Classes that day

We will make every attempt to offer make-up classes for classes cancelled due to inclement weather; the classes may have to be offered at a different day/time than when the class is usually scheduled.

Teacher Absence Policy

  • If the instructor is ill and unable to attend class, we will provide a qualified substitute if possible. If a substitute is not available, the class content will be covered in the following weeks.  Make-up classes will be scheduled if the instructor needs more time to cover the elements of the class.
  • In the event a class is cancelled by the instructor due to illness or unforeseen circumstance, VMA will post updates on and will do our best to notify you by phone, text or email.

Payment & Account Policies

  • Payment Options:  Classes offered on a semester basis will have two payment options. Option 1 will invoice all fees and tuition up front, payable in one single payment. Option 2 will require all registration and materials fees and 1/3 of tuition to be paid up front the first month and two consecutive monthly invoices for 1/3 of the tuition amount plus a $5.00 service charge due each of the next two following months. 
  • Payments are due on the 1st of each month. Payments not received by the 5th of the month will be considered PAST DUE. Payments not received by the 10th of the month will be considered SUSPENDED and incur a $10.00 service charge and cause immediate suspension from participation in private lessons, ensembles or classes. All suspended accounts must be paid in full before the account is reactivated and participation in VMA activities can resume. Accounts that become SUSPENDED for a second time will be required to provide VMA with a valid credit card and a signed authorization form in order to continue receiving services from VMA. The card will be charged in subsequent months only in the case of the account being in jeopardy of being suspended after being 10 days past due. The card will be charged for the total due on the account including tuition, fees, service charges on or after the 10th day of the month in which the account is past due.
  • Suspended accounts may be reinstated and music instruction resumed upon receipt of payment in full including all past due tuition, fees, service charges plus current charges that are pending. No credits, refunds or make-up lessons or rehearsals will be provided for missed lessons or rehearsals that occurred as a result of the account being suspended.
  • Checks returned to VMA for insufficient funds will be charged a $10.00 service charge. Accounts not paid due to insufficient funds or declined credit cards will be immediately placed on suspension until the account is paid in full.
  • Family discounts are not offered at this time. 
  • Financial Aid in the form of need based scholarships may be available to students (up to age 18) based on financial need. Students awarded scholarships must demonstrate consistent progress, attend all scheduled lessons and/or rehearsals and keep all account balances current.  Scholarship amounts are based on funding available to VMA and is subject to change. Scholarships are awarded during the regular academic year from September through May and must be reapplied for annually.
  • To apply for financial aid, visit the VMA website to download an application.