Family Music for Babies & Toddlers

Ages 6 months to 3 years & caregiver, 30 minutes

Children explore and experiment with the world of sound more on their own. These "learners in constant motion" get to sing, chant, move, dance, listen and play simple instruments.

Materials include a fun box with CD, parent guidebook and instrument.

Family Music for Babies

Infants to 18 months & caregiver, 30 minutes

Designed for parents and their babies to take together, these weekly classes help you learn how to play musically with your baby. Each class features bouncing and rocking songs, wiggle and peek-a-boo games, and other fun activities for the two of you. When you go home, you can continue the fun with a superb CD recorded by a fine children’s choir and outstanding instrumentalists. Using your parent guidebook along with rhythm sticks, a Musikgarten rattle, and colorful scarf will give you both hours of enjoyment.

Family Music for Toddlers

18 months to 3 1/2 years & caregiver, 30 minutes

These weekly classes are action-filled for toddlers - full of energy, often on the move, always exploring and learning - and their parents. Together you’ll sing, chant, move, dance, listen, and play simple instruments, all activities that bridge the natural connection between music and movement through four wonder-filled semesters.

Each lesson features movement activities for coordination, body awareness and control, exploration of space, and instruments such as rhythm sticks, jingles, rattles, drums, and resonator bars.

Additionally, you’ll receive a wonderful CD, a parent activity book, and an instrument or scarf to use at home for more fun time together.

Cycle of Seasons

Ages 3 to 4 & caregiver, 45 minutes

This class is a musical celebration of the four seasons! Classes capitalize on the child's delight in dramatic play within the musical context including songs, movement activities, exploration of instruments and imaginative stories for children to make their own.

Materials include a CD, animal card games, and parent guidebook.

  • Not all classes are offered each semester.
  • Class enrollment may be limited.  Register early.
  • Class may be cancelled if minimum enrollment is not met.

Music Makers at Home

Ages 4 to 5, 60 minutes

This is a year-long class designed to give each child a solid music making foundation by training the ear, coordinating body and voice, dramatizing folk tales, establishing foundation for music literacy, expanding listening capabilities, building self-discipline and social skills, promoting independent and group involvement, and building skills that impact all academic learning. Parents join for the last 15 minutes.

Materials include: 4 color posters/folders containing CD, parent guidebook, games, and activity sheets.

Music Makers Around the World

Ages 5 to 6, 60 minutes

This is a year-long class with a focus on singing, ear training, playing instruments, ensemble work and creative movement. Children will have more focus on writing and reading music. Parents join for the last 15 minutes.

Materials include: 4 color posters/folders containing CD, parent guidebook, games, and activity sheets.

Making Music at the Keyboard

Ages 6 to 9, 60 minutes

This is an introductory method for groups of young beginners. Featuring a variety of activities that lay the foundation for success at the keyboard and building on songs children have come to love, this aural approach to music literacy provides a natural pathway to reading music both visually and with the ear. Parents join for the last 15 minutes. This curriculum is offered as a year long class beginning in September through May and is the perfect foundation for private piano lessons years.

Materials include: student books