FAMILY MUSIC - MIXED AGES - (Ages 1 - 4 yrs) - Sat. - Time TBA

Family Music Mixed Ages

This option is specifically for families with siblings who need to be in the same session

Ages 1 - 4 years & caregiver


Begins October, 2020 (12 weeks -- 20 Minute Classes)


Due to COVID-19, VMA has changed normal class offerings in an effort to provide a safe environment for all of our students and teachers. Classes will be limited to 3 children per class. Classes that require a caregiver will be limited to one caregiver per child.  Classes are reduced to 12 sessions and the length of each session is shortened from our normal schedule to allow for cleaning of the room between sessions.


Children explore and experiment with the world of sound more on their own. These "learners in constant motion" get to sing, chant, move, dance, listen and play simple instruments.


Materials include a fun box with CD, parent guidebook and instrument.


Please note:  Tuition and materials price is for one semester only.  

FAMILY MUSIC - MIXED AGES - (Ages 1 - 4 yrs) - Sat. - Time TBA

  • Registration covers 12 sessions

    Materials:  $42.00  (optional)