Valley Music Academy will utilize the follow weather policy for music activities at Valley Music Academy during the 2016-17 school year.  Lessons, classes, rehearsals or other activities that are cancelled, either by the instructor or by a Valley Music Academy official,  will be rescheduled by the end of the semester if at all possible.  The rescheduling will be at the discretion of the VMA instructor. 

Private Music Lesson - VMA faculty will be responsible for decisions regarding the cancellation and rescheduling of their studio's private music lessons.  Teachers will notify students of any cancellations directly.  Students should provide teachers cell phone numbers, email addresses or other methods of contact.  Students having questions regarding weather related changes should contact the teacher directly in all situations--please do not contact the VMA office.  Please make sure that you have your teacher's contact information.

MusikGarten - All cancellations for the VMA Musikgarten program will follow the weather related closing schedule for Waynesboro City Schools.  (Note:  this is only for weather related closings--this is not for scheduled holiday or other closings.)  Please monitor local media coverage for current weather related closings.  Please note that Valley Music Academy will NOT be listed in the closings, but VMA Musikgarten will follow the listing for Waynesboro City Schools.  The following is the VMA Musikgarten policy

  • If WCS has a Delayed Opening = No Morning Musikgarten

  • If WCS has an Early Dismissal = No afternoon/evening Musikgarten

  • If WCS is Closed = No Musikgarten Classes that day

Valley SuperSax Big Band - All rehearsal decisions will be made by the director of the Big Band.  Please make sure the director has current contact information.  Also, monitor the Big Band Facebook page for updates.

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