1. Proven Quality that is here to stay.

    As a local non-profit organization, VMA has served the region since 2000.  We've taught thousands of students, many who have furthered their education in music at the undergraduate and graduate levels.  Several have received partial or full scholarships in music.  Today there are several VMA graduates who are full-time musicians and educators themselves.  

  2. We teach just about everything to children and adults.

    VMA offers private instruction on more than 30 different instruments and voice for students age 6 and up, Suzuki piano for ages 3 and up, group piano for 6-8 years,and group Musikgarten classes for children 3 months to 7 years of age.  We have students from 6 months of age to over 80 years young.

  3. VMA has some of the best teachers in the business.

    We have over 15 music teachers, all with either University training or professional performance experience. Our music teachers are dedicated to learning about your personal musical goals and will work with you to achieve them.  

  4. Affordable Month-to-month lessons with no long-term commitment.

    VMA's music lessons are on average 25 percent lower than other private studios and stores.  Lessons can begin at any time during the year.  We only require a 4 lesson minimum for new students.  Lessons continue on a month-to-month basis after that and students can discontinue lessons at any time with a 30-day notice.  

  5. Flexible Scheduling for single and multiple lesson families

    We have lessons available Monday - Friday until 9 PM and some Saturday lessons as well.  We have teachers who teach day lessons for home-school students and adults. We work with families to coordinate multiple lessons and teachers as much as possible.

  6. We're Suzuki Certified.

    We have the only Suzuki certified piano instructor in the area.  If you're looking for an alternative to traditional piano lessons, we've got you covered.

  7. VMA offers a Convenient and Safe Location for learning.

    VMA is located in the lower level of Grace Lutheran Church in Waynesboro.  We are conveniently located next door to the Waynesboro Public Library and just a block away from the Waynesboro YMCA.  Many of our families will have one student at the Y, another in the library and another at VMA for music.  

    Student safety is a top priority at VMA.  Our facility is monitored by security cameras throughout.  All of our studios can be viewed from the hallway.  Each of our faculty and staff undergo a thorough background check before working with VMA.  In addition, we offer a waiting area for parents with free Wi-Fi, or parents are always welcome to sit in on a lesson.

  8. VMA offer financial assistance to those who demonstrate need and a desire to succeed.

    You won't find this with any local music store or studio.  Scholarships are available from September - May and are based on financial need.  Students up to age 18 must reapply annually.  Scholarship awards are based on demonstrated need and funds available.  For more information, visit our financial aid page.

  9. Convenient payment options.

    VMA offers convenient auto-payment by credit card.   All students have online access to their account, lesson schedules and more.  If you still prefer the old fashion way of writing a check or paying in cash, we can accommodate that as well.

  10. VMA is an award winning provider of Musikgarten.

    Musikgarten is the highly acclaimed early childhood music and movement program.  VMA has received national recognition for our Musikgarten program since 2012.  Our certified instructors will teach your child, from six months to six years of age, music as a second language.  Using song, dance, instruments, games and more, your children will learn to love music from the earliest stages of their development.  Many of our students at VMA started with Musikgarten as babies and have become advanced musicians at a very young age.  Once you complete the Musikgarten program, you are well prepared to begin private study on the instrument of choice.